Cargo Insurance Service

We can give you insurance rates to protect your valuable merchandise in cargo. Insurance costs are separated from the cost of shipping. Our professionals assist you in understanding the underlying processes and develop easy payment programs as per your convenience. Moreover, our Cargo Insurance services keeps the client relaxed and assured from the unexpected damages that may occur.

Why We Need Cargo Insurance?

"All-Risk" Coverage This policy insures approved general merchandise against risks of physical loss or damage from external causes. However, this policy does not cover all losses possible in the course of an international shipment.

Some perils typically not covered in All-Risk Policies:

• Improper packing

• Abandonment of cargo

• Rejection of goods by customs

• Failure to pay or collect account

• Inherent vice, (infestation or loss due to nature of the product itself)

• Employee conversion or dishonesty

• Losses due to delay or market loss

• Goods subject to an on-deck bill of lading

• Losses caused by temperature or pressure

• Used goods